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Arabian Horse Association Region 9

Serving Arabian, Half-Arabian & Anglo-Arabian Horse enthusiasts in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Texas

Canadian Valley Rangerettes Equestrian Drill Team

The Canadian Valley Rangerettes were organized in 1968. It is estimated that we are the longest running Equestrian Drill Team in the State of Oklahoma with a continuous existence of over 40 years. The Rangerettes performed publicly for the first time at Frontier City in August 1969.

Many enthusiastic cowgirls have proudly worn the infamous red, white, and blue that represent the Rangerette's long standing heritage. We continue to prove to professional rodeo committees and event coordinators, that we are dedicated to the sport of Equestrian Drill and that we carry with us the enthusiasm and professionalism it takes to put on a good performance.

The Canadian Valley Rangerettes, 2X USEDC National Champions, are from Mustang, Oklahoma. We perform thrilling, high paced, equestrian drill routines at PRCA and IPRA rodeos as well as local rodeos, invitational events and parades. With a continuous membership of 41 years, it is believed that the Canadian Valley Rangerettes are the longest running drill team in the State of Oklahoma!

Central Oklahoma Pinto Horse Association

Duncan Lake Horse Club

Freedom Riders Equestrian Drill Team

P.O. Box 1172
Mustang, OK  


The Freedom Riders Equestrian Drill Team is a youth team (ages 8 to 22). We travel around the state of Oklahoma performing at rodeos and other related events. We are based out of Canadian County and practice in Tuttle. Our coach is Heather Comerate

Great Plains Dressage

Greater Oklahoma Hunter Jumper Horse Show

Greater Oklahoma Paint Horse Club

Green Country Arabian Horse Association

Green Country Fox Trotting Horse Association of Oklahoma

Green Country Paint Horse Club

Hunter Jumper Exhibitors of Oklahoma

Morgan Horse Association of Oklahoma


Horseshow circuit for all breeds with some shows having specialized classes. Check out our website

North Central Dressage

Oklahoma Appaloosa Horse Club

Oklahoma Appaloosa Racing Association

Oklahoma Arabian Horse Club

Oklahoma Buckskin Horse Association

Oklahoma Draft Horse and Mule Association

Oklahoma Dressage Society

Tulsa, OK  


The mission of ODS shall be to promote and support the sport and art of Dressage to the equestrian community for the purpose of fostering individual and collective growth by providing leadership,education, exhibitions, publications, competitions; and to enhance greater public awareness, understanding and appreciation for the discipline of Dressage.

Oklahoma Equestrian Drill Association

Oklahoma Equestrian Trail Riders Association

Oklahoma Eventers

Oklahoma Field Trial Clubs Association

Oklahoma Foundation Quarter Horse Registry

Oklahoma Harness Horse Association

Oklahoma Horse Industry Council

Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission

Oklahoma Hunter and Jumper Association

Oklahoma Kansas Welsh Pony Society

Oklahoma Miniature Horse Club

Oklahoma National Barrel Horse Association

Oklahoma Paint Horse Club

Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association

Oklahoma Pinto Horse Association

Oklahoma Pony of the Americas Club

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association

Oklahoma Reining Horse Association

Oklahoma Stock Horse Association

Oklahoma Thoroughbred Retirement Program

Pure Pleasure Gaited Horse Association

Sooner Appaloosa Horse Club

Sooner State Morgan Horse Association

Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma

United States Dressage Federation Region 9

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas

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